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Eas Coast Training Systems
Jane Doe No More
Personal Safety and Self Defense Training for people of all ages


East Coast Training Systems™ and the Escape Alive® program- Since 1996 East Coast Training Systems LLC has worked with individuals and companies to help people be better prepared to defend themselves and those they love. Violent crimes can happen anywhere and at anytime. The Escape Alive- Survival Skills® program gives you a chance to escape and avoid becoming a statistic. Personal Safety begins with YOU!


Jane Doe No More®- Jane Doe No More is a not for profit organization, born out of the experience of founder and president Donna Palomba, a sexual assault survivor. Since its inception in 2007, Jane Doe No More has been improving the way society responds to victims of sexual assault through education, awareness, advocacy and support. Jane Doe No More initiatives include:

  • Presentations on college campuses to educate students, aid in breaking the stigmas, and ending the silence

  • Enhanced training for law enforcement and first-responders to minimize re-victimization

  • Professional development for survivors through the Survivors Speak Outreach Program

  • Empowering women and girls through the Escape Alive Survival Skills® program

A Common Vision- Since 2009, Jane Doe No More and East Coast Training Systems LLC have been working together to reach more women from all walks of life; to educate them in the prevention of sexual assault and the support services available after an incident. This common vision has enabled both organizations to further their goals of empowering women of all ages. As of 2017, Escape Alive in partnership with Jane Doe No More has reached over 3500 women and girls in over 120 classes since 2009.

Who is Escape Alive for?

It doesn’t matter whether you are an athlete or don’t exercise at all, you are young or more mature. There are no prerequisites! You will learn at your own pace, and work to your ability level. Personal safety and self defense is about awareness, recognition, strategy and the element of surprise. The physical aspects of self defense rely on catching a would be assailant “off-guard” and doing what they least expect… FIGHTING BACK! For a physical technique to work it has to be focused, quick, and direct. Nothing fancy. Real life is much different than the movies. The longer a physical confrontation ensues the more likely you will be injured.

The mental and physical side of Escape Alive.

Escape Alive Survival Skills is based on combative principles from American-Filipino Kun Tao®

American-Filipino Kun Tao® (AFKT) is a close-quarters, self defense based Martial Art known for it’s practicality and effectiveness. It was first brought to the USA after World War II and has continued to evolve over the years. It is one of the most effective self defense based styles. Practitioners of AFKT learn everything from striking to throwing to weapons defense and reuse. AFKT has produced numerous World Champions, especially in Martial Arts Breaking, thanks to its unique physical and mental conditioning.

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